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Mature content
I'll show you Karnage :iconlurany-dragunia:Lurany-Dragunia 4 3
Wora species English/ German new version
Dragun, the monarch of Dragun has the most influx to every other kingdom that exist on the planet, which means that every other kingdom is lower than Dragun. The City isn’t surrounded by bulwark, the main street is massive and miles long, the street itself leads to a big place in the middle of the place is a fountain for the memory of the fallen soldiers, right on the other side of the street is the big castle.
Kargoon the Mountain-City, the houses and buildings got hammered in the walls of the Mountain and on the top is the castle itself.
Teldor the City of Ice, the buildings are like big, edgy igloos and in the middle there’s a castle made of ice with a long top.
Jularia, the City under Water is built with big glass tanks that are anchored on the ground of the sea, in the smaller tanks are houses for normal life in the bigger tanks are bigger farms for plants and bigger buildings like a Library and the castle.
Maluritan, the city under the ground, the house
:iconlurany-dragunia:Lurany-Dragunia 0 0
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Lurany Dragunia
Personal favorites list…

Name:‭ ‬Lurany Dragunia,‭ ‬Dark Lu,‭ ‬Blood eye,‭ ‬Miss D

Age:‭ ‬nearly‭ ‬158‭ ‬woranic years old that’s about‭ ‬317‭ ‬humane years

species: Wora

Characteristic:‭ ‬insane,‭ ‬cruelly,‭ ‬but kind of friendly to children

Favorite Food:‭ ‬Meat,‭ ‬cake,‭ ‬fruits,‭ ‬has an appetite for cannibalism

Task:‭ ‬Leader of Deswor,‭ ‬until she was expelled by her aunt,‭ ‬she became captain of the cursed pirate space ship called‭ “‬Flying Dead‭” ‬which can fly into other dimensions‭; ‬nobody knows in case of that where she is next.

Family:‭ ‬Grandmother Nana de Layra,‭ ‬Sister Skyla,‭ ‬Brother Flinn,‭ ‬Aunt Kesina,‭ ‬Uncle Karn,‭ ‬Cuisine Lady Lil

Shortcut of her original Story:

She was born into the highest royal family,‭ ‬right after her birth she got a serum what stopped her aging after the‭ ‬25th year of life and made her nearly deathless.‭ ‬But the serum had a defect and it started on her‭ ‬18th year of life.‭ ‬As she was‭ ‬3‭ ‬months old,‭ ‬her parents and‭ ‬4‭ ‬of her siblings were murdered.‭ ‬She was raised by her Grandmother Nana and got the amulet and crosier of her mother,‭ ‬both items together opened the door of the underworld from the death.‭ ‬She can call the death and control them.‭ ‬She emulated for her brother,‭ ‬he is the most fearsome Pirate-mutant that travels through the galaxies,‭ ‬but since Lurany is the next selected sovereign she couldn’t get into those footsteps of her brother.‭ ‬Lurany is very willful and hasn’t that much of royal manners,‭ ‬she’s mostly the one outside of the castle and took the problems by herself.‭ ‬Sometimes she was just riding on Blizzard and enjoyed her freedom.‭ ‬But still,‭ ‬she is very dominant and militant,‭ ‬she tries to fight with everyone on her way up or who try to challenge her.‭ ‬After her aunt defeated her and made her the scar over her eye and the eye itself,‭ ‬she fled from the planet with her amulet and crosier to prevent her aunt to destroy the whole planet,‭ ‬she also take place on the ship of her brother as the captain since her brother disappeared a year ago.‭ ‬She’s now cruelly and insane.

Some people say she would be her brother
‬some say she’s just a poor copy of him
‬The truth is the heart of Darkness
Dark Lu

Original text out of my book

Day‭ ‬3 ‬Since the Replacement-Captain got into the soup now.‭ ‬I’m going to be the captain,‭ ‬as my brother would have wanted to be.
Jack with full mouth:‭ ‬What did you told there‭? ‬I didn’t understand that.
Lurany:‭ ‬I told it to my computer log you incompetent dumbass.
Jack:‭ ‬No need to be abusive,‭ ‬my darling hollowness
Lurany with ignorant voice:‭ ‬Oh yeah,‭ ‬that what you eat right now is your best friend.
In the moment he realized what he was eating exactly,‭ ‬he was spitting the soup all over his control panel.
Key Features:‭ ‬very long black hairs,‭ ‬really big ears,‭ ‬a yellow-golden eye and a‭ ‬red eye,‭ ‬also an insane,‭ ‬cranky expression.
She also has on her left ear two golden earrings,‭ ‬also on the right side one,‭ ‬but they’re not drawn every time on her.

When things from above and a part of the story,‭ ‬standing by a Character I didn’t gave the passing for,‭ ‬it’s also kind of Character-stealing,‭ ‬to wrote down it would be a dog,‭ ‬doesn’t help that could say everybody.
Don’t be childish,‭ ‬admit your mistakes and correct them.

My Character has‭ ‬3‭ ‬different variations,‭ ‬one the Wora itself and then the Wora-Wolf,‭ ‬also the mainly Wolf but all three are the same person,‭ ‬with the same key features‭; ‬all three of them are Copyright saved.
My Character has also a self-written book where her life story is told.‭ ‬All of the characters inside of the book aren’t any Fanfiction.
I made a lot of work to design the whole thing,‭ ‬so please show some respect for other people work.

For all who doesn’t know
A Changing of the main-coloring from the character itself,‭ ‬doesn’t mean just to copy a picture and recolor it,‭ ‬it’s also with self-drawn characters,‭ ‬which seems like a different character.

Under the conditions may be my characters Free to draw :no change of the look or the name, It has to be to be written that the species and character are not from you is and a link to me must be inserted , I would like to be informed, nsfw only with request and no mutilation or killing of my character, not fat, not baby, not vore, not fetisch (pin up is ok) Nothing radical or racist
But would be nice if asked before
Exceptions are bigger things like comics or animations since in any case ask
Without the written approval from myself you mustn’t allowed to change the character .‭ ‬Who ask me for it,‭ ‬doesn’t have serious problems later.
PS the only character I am referring to me and represent Is lurany

Stamp:Don't steal my Oc by LuzbelDestello
Germany Stamp by CiaraTheDestroyer13 German language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy USA Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design
This translation problem is annoying
Friends help me translate into english, so it can come to translation errors. please do not be angry with me

important instructions
I am not a professional voice actor, I am doing it just because I am fun and my hobby is, I leave me in the pronunciation in the English of a good friend help

Don Karnage stamp by Shade-SilverWing TaleSpin Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman I Love... no... I ADORE Stork by four-eyed-samurai Stork Storm Hawks Stamp by M-Skirvin {Storm Hawks: Stork Stamp} by Hide-N-Seek-Kyoto storm hawks stamp by stormhawksfc Turbo-Tastic Wreck-It Ralph Stamp by RadSpyro Star Trek--Trouble W Tribbles by schematization Tribbles all around! by zodiacgal Vince Heliotrope Stamp by Hashtag-Sadface Booboo the guinea pig stamp by lieveheersbeestje Guinea Pig Lover :Stamp: by LauNachtyr Chinchilla Stamp by DawnRedd FNAF Foxy Fan stamp by JustinandDennnis Springtrap Stamp by GaIaxy-AngeI I am an Alien Stamp by iEchno I love St. Bernards by WishmasterAlchemist Cut The Crap :STAMP: by horsewolf Guild Wars 2 Stamp by KRASH-ART GW2 Necromancer Stamp by Calaval Guild Wars 2 Charr Stamp by Calaval


In memory to Max
my dog Max
01.04.2004 - 14.05.2017

I ask for respect he was a real dog
He is not a oc and not a rp character, he was my friend

art by :iconreggaecyp:
Rip my dog MAX

A tumor had burst in his belly, He was euthanized ( eingeschläfert )
He has accompanied me for years and was always there for me, He was my best friend
I had taken him out of the animal shelter when he was 5, He was now 13
He was for me more than just a dog my baby, So I liked to call him

20150426 175742 by Lurany-Dragunia

Rest in peace my good friend
My angel
(C) Charakter Lurany Dragunia by me
(C) Character Don Karnage by Disney

art by :iconreggaecyp:
Nom Nom Nom
(C) Charakter Lurany Dragunia by me
(C) Charakter Sky-kun by a friend

art by :iconreggaecyp:



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